Lost Soul Stamp

I took out a massive Lost Soul stamp – one I’ve never used before and didn’t even know I possessed – and stamped all over your image. And I rejoiced in you being out of my space with your non-existing manners, your stubborn resistance to honouring me with any connection resembling friendship, and your black pepper of ‘fuck this fuck that’ that you seasoned everything with like a true bogan Australian.

And for two days I felt so free and happy in my anger.

And then I let both of you go.

I rarely feel anger. It’s not a feeling i’m accustomed to from family, previous partners or friends, and I have shied away from it most of my life. It’s quite a constructive feeling though, it has a direction and can easily be turned into action. The incident sparking this text was quite important to me – I finally put down my usually oh so patient foot when my travelling companion crossed my limits by verbally abusing me. I said goodbye and walked away on the spot, calmly, choosing the unknown over safety. The anger came later, and man did it feel good!