Dear Lover 🔊


dear lover,

move me with your clear direction, hold me in my passion
touch me with each breath you’re taking, melt away my walls
expose what is beneath it all
a glowing force
a dancing flame
a naked woman with no name
dear lover, with your solid presence warm my thin bare shoulders


dear lover, let’s catch morning dew and rain it in our gardens
with true and vivid colours let us paint a path, then run
and laugh with me as we trip and fall
as we change the hue
as our dreams we see
holding hands whilst running free
air between us, air is nothing, my dear lover, trust me!


dear lover, hear the ocean lap its love beneath our heartbeats
it’s ours to sail, to drink, to splash, to cleanse in every day
let us float on its calm surface
trusting, knowing
that we’re carried
we are weightless, we are married!
let’s dive deep into the water, free-dive for the pearls


open me
play with me
let me in

dear lover,
that is all I ask
of body, mind, and soul


Now Bloom! 🔊


You ask how I am

I tell you I’m broken

You wish I had lied

You don’t like the broken

So you want to fix me

But you’re too busy running

Running for perfect

You don’t want imperfect

So you should really fix me

But you can’t, you don’t see me

You’re too busy dying

Dying to heal

Green smoothie in one hand

Your thoughts in the other

No hand free for helping

And now you feel guilty!

You tell me you’re busy…

I exhaust you.

“It’s the full moon”

You say

As if that changes anything

All I said

was that I’m broken

The rest was in YOUR head!

I just want you to see me, and know there is nothing to fix!

I just want you to feel me, and ask what I need!

Because for some reason

Your words are important to me

You’re me

I am you

We are whole

We are broken

Don’t fix me

Just love me

Just see me in pieces

Broken by life

And inside there’s a flower

Don’t fix me

I’m perfect!

Don’t close what’s been opened!

You’re me

And you’re broken

You’re perfectly broken

Now bloom!

Weather 🔊


And I break up with you
And I take you back

I condemn your actions and I forgive you
Acknowledging that you’re only trying your best to exist in my presence
You poor man…

And I apologize for my fears
And I love you for your patience
And I praise my self-control, that this whole drama is safely contained within me
That you don’t even notice
Because I’m keeping you away
And that makes me sad – I want to have you close!
I want to share the crazy wild storms with you
But who could possibly stand a weather like this?
All the forces of mother nature hitting at once
A few minutes of armageddon
Before the world calms down again
And we can enjoy the blue skies and the warm breeze from the ocean together


Everybody wants sunshine
I’m alone in the storm, shouting truth into the wind for no one to hear
And alone, I hear nature’s beautiful answer