Dear Lover 🔊


dear lover,

move me with your clear direction, hold me in my passion
touch me with each breath you’re taking, melt away my walls
expose what is beneath it all
a glowing force
a dancing flame
a naked woman with no name
dear lover, with your solid presence warm my thin bare shoulders


dear lover, let’s catch morning dew and rain it in our gardens
with true and vivid colours let us paint a path, then run
and laugh with me as we trip and fall
as we change the hue
as our dreams we see
holding hands whilst running free
air between us, air is nothing, my dear lover, trust me!


dear lover, hear the ocean lap its love beneath our heartbeats
it’s ours to sail, to drink, to splash, to cleanse in every day
let us float on its calm surface
trusting, knowing
that we’re carried
we are weightless, we are married!
let’s dive deep into the water, free-dive for the pearls


open me
play with me
let me in

dear lover,
that is all I ask
of body, mind, and soul


Lost Soul Stamp

I took out a massive Lost Soul stamp – one I’ve never used before and didn’t even know I possessed – and stamped all over your image. And I rejoiced in you being out of my space with your non-existing manners, your stubborn resistance to honouring me with any connection resembling friendship, and your black pepper of ‘fuck this fuck that’ that you seasoned everything with like a true bogan Australian.

And for two days I felt so free and happy in my anger.

And then I let both of you go.

I rarely feel anger. It’s not a feeling i’m accustomed to from family, previous partners or friends, and I have shied away from it most of my life. It’s quite a constructive feeling though, it has a direction and can easily be turned into action. The incident sparking this text was quite important to me – I finally put down my usually oh so patient foot when my travelling companion crossed my limits by verbally abusing me. I said goodbye and walked away on the spot, calmly, choosing the unknown over safety. The anger came later, and man did it feel good!