Gracious Rebel


a gracious rebel
all your life
rebelling, but oh so peacefully

did anyone notice
when you gave them the finger
a graceful gesture
when you told them to fuck off

when you refused by leaving
resisted by staying
objected by saying
excuse me, but


creating boundaries

rocking the boat to the beat of sweet music

oh gracious rebel
I’m right beside you!
fuck the grace
just speak your true voice
no need to rebel
you ARE the rebel!
a gracious rebel
rebelling against the voice inside you
telling you to conform

Now Bloom! 🔊


You ask how I am

I tell you I’m broken

You wish I had lied

You don’t like the broken

So you want to fix me

But you’re too busy running

Running for perfect

You don’t want imperfect

So you should really fix me

But you can’t, you don’t see me

You’re too busy dying

Dying to heal

Green smoothie in one hand

Your thoughts in the other

No hand free for helping

And now you feel guilty!

You tell me you’re busy…

I exhaust you.

“It’s the full moon”

You say

As if that changes anything

All I said

was that I’m broken

The rest was in YOUR head!

I just want you to see me, and know there is nothing to fix!

I just want you to feel me, and ask what I need!

Because for some reason

Your words are important to me

You’re me

I am you

We are whole

We are broken

Don’t fix me

Just love me

Just see me in pieces

Broken by life

And inside there’s a flower

Don’t fix me

I’m perfect!

Don’t close what’s been opened!

You’re me

And you’re broken

You’re perfectly broken

Now bloom!

The Three Guardians Of The Heart 🔊


You tell her that she’s guarded
She nods and says “I know!”
You tell her she should drop that guard
“Just have some fun, let go!”

Your comment makes her feel like
her cautiousness is wrong
She blames herself for letting
her three guardians come along

⚔️  ⚔️  ⚔️

Yes, three men guard a female heart
Ensure that it is free
Protect it from all enemies
and that’s how it should be!

The first one is her bodyguard
That big guy you can see
His arm’s around her shoulders
He’d hurt you if need be

The next one is her strategist
Her future’s in his hand
He kneels there on her left hand side
drawing battles in the sand

The third one stands behind her
One never sees his face
He whispers words like passion, joy,
connection, freedom, grace

They’re warriors, they’re spirits
They help her find her way
They only want what’s best for her
and if that’s fun, well hey!

But you ask of her to ditch them!
You say they keep her closed
But if you’d tried to look for it
you’d known her heart’s exposed

There’s nothing closed, these guards will bless
whoever dares to try
to touch her heart with true intent
But you don’t have that, why?

⚔️  ⚔️  ⚔️

Oh little boys of summer town
You talk of truth and light
You want the world a better place
You ask why people fight

And then you play your games, which feed
insecurity and fear
How shall we fill this world with trust
if we can’t do it here!

No, you think that you must trick her,
pretend, to get your way
I tell you, honesty and trust
will get you further, any day!

⚔️  ⚔️  ⚔️

Oh little boys of summer town
when will you ever learn
You’re all the same, too scared to show
your true intent and earn

the trust of those three warriors
that guard the female heart
No, you tell her that she’s safe without,
then leave her in the dark!

You do it out of fear
because you too have let them go!
A man with warriors by his side
would never treat her so

Yes, little boys of summer town
grow up and be those men
that earn your women’s trust and help
their guardians in again