You say we’re a mystery to you
I frown

Ok, I’ll give away the secret:

The rip will get you out
The waves will get you in
Paddle, wait, catch, and enjoy the ride!

There isn’t really much more to it than that


We’re not easy

You’ll get pushed under by our currents
bashed by our waves
cut and bruised by our hidden rocks

We will hurt you


We’re not consistent

Just as you think you know, we’ve changed
The tide has come, the wind has altered, the current has moved within us
You’ll never fully understand us
And neither will we

We are not still
We are never still


But we are not a mystery
We are not here to be solved

Just love us for exactly what we are


Weather 🔊


And I break up with you
And I take you back

I condemn your actions and I forgive you
Acknowledging that you’re only trying your best to exist in my presence
You poor man…

And I apologize for my fears
And I love you for your patience
And I praise my self-control, that this whole drama is safely contained within me
That you don’t even notice
Because I’m keeping you away
And that makes me sad – I want to have you close!
I want to share the crazy wild storms with you
But who could possibly stand a weather like this?
All the forces of mother nature hitting at once
A few minutes of armageddon
Before the world calms down again
And we can enjoy the blue skies and the warm breeze from the ocean together


Everybody wants sunshine
I’m alone in the storm, shouting truth into the wind for no one to hear
And alone, I hear nature’s beautiful answer