Hurricane Grief 🔊


you announced your arrival a long time ago

I was waiting for you


and so you finally came, my storm

you rip all leaves off my majestic trees
you destroy the shelter I carefully built
with merciless power you force everything to the ground
in pieces

I try to stand tall but you want me on my knees
I shout into your wind, shout ‘I’m stronger than you!’
but you swallow my words
and you laugh in my face

I finally sink to the ground
as my weak body buckles and surrenders
I close my eyes
and I hold on to the bare, brown earth underneath me

there is nothing else to hold on to


‘storm, are you killing me?!?’

you roar in the wind

and so I breathe you in
and I breathe into you
I’m in my storm
my storm is in me
and that is all there is

a song of breath, of life, of death


but I hear distant voices reminding me that I’m not alone
and your gusty winds whisper truth in my ears
reminding me that everything changes
saying no wind is a storm forever
telling me to be patient

so I breathe
I hold on to the ground and I trust

I trust that you tear only that which is weak
that Old is destroyed to make room for the New
that this too is good, that this too will ease
that there’s love in your force, my Hurricane Grief

you calm down

I raise my head
I slowly straighten my cramped up body
and look around

grateful for life

and sunbeams find me through the now naked branches
the fallen old leaves become food for my soil
my shelter is gone, and I will not rebuild it
I leave it in Past, where it belongs

I breathe in the Now with my clean and strong lungs
I look at the Future and then I start walking
I carry my faith, my trust, my song
and my heart on my sleeve

(Dedicated to the distant voices and the whispering winds.)

Two Times Divorced, One Time Widowed 🔊


I’m two times divorced, two times the journey
of questions, of why and what ifs
How did it happen, why didn’t I notice?
Who are you, who am I, who were we?

It’s a matter of the mind, a mind searching for logic
Stuck in a dream that is gone
But if I’d listened within to what my heart was saying
I’d heard “no” and “come on let’s move on”

But our hearts are loving, they patiently wait
for our minds to let go and to follow
For only together they’ll conquer the world
Its darkness, its pain, and its sorrow

I’m two times divorced and one time widowed
But from death, the heart doesn’t move
It sits down where sense vanished, where now flowers are growing
Allowing itself just to mourn

For there’s no logic to get, no questions to answer
There was never a “no” in the heart
“So why then move on?” the heart might be asking
“I’m here with the flowers, the love!”

It sits there and waits for the mind to come back
A mind that ran off in despair
And then, only then, it is ready for new love
Maybe yours, if you’re willing to sit there

Sharing my heart with someone who died
Sharing the love and the flowers
Trusting that you can find no greater love
Than that bred in the soil of these flowers


Låt Tårarna Rinna

Min älskade vän, låt tårarna rinna
Låt smärtan skrika, tills dess röst är hes
Gråt ut dina tankar, släpp dom med tårarna
Låt dom rinna och smälta och försvinna sin väg

För tankar är till för att släppas i frihet
Behåll bara kärleken, släpp aldrig den
Låt den bo i det tomrum din saknad har skapat
Låt den veta att aldrig du överger den

Släpp smärtorna lös som en rening av själen
En rening av godo, en chans till nåt nytt
Behåll bara vetskapen hur du vill känna
Kärleken, så du vet när den står där på nytt

Dedicated to someone very special, who lost her best friend.