Three Wise Men

There are three wise men walking the Earth, following the same star but navigating differently.

One is a king, a catalyst for structural change. He looks up at his star at night and sees a world of peace, equality and solidarity, and his heart gets warm and his sore feet heal when he thinks of this future.

One is a holy man, a catalyst for spiritual change. His star is one of expanded consciousness, of higher dimensions, of collapsed duality. “Through this star we will all be saved, through this star the world as known so far will crumble and only love will survive!”, he prophesies as he prays to his star in the night.

The third wise man is a woman. And the star looks down at this feminine force at night and tells her: “You are me. Just be who you are and inspire everyone you meet to see that they are, too!” And the woman smiles and thanks the night sky for reminding her, and when the morning comes she continues her journey. She walks the roads where the king and his followers have past to free and empower the people through structural change in society. She walks the roads where the holy man and his followers have passed and preached raised consciousness through love and awareness. She walks the roads where no one ever bothered walking. And where seeds have been sown, she waters them.

She is not of beliefs, but of creation. Not of structure, but of light. She walks as a simple woman, without followers. She walks as you and me, and in her contagious smile is a reminder of joy, empathy, humility, gratitude. The people along her way cannot but notice her walking past, and she sees them all and touches their hearts.

In the evening, the people look up into the night sky and, without knowing why, feel connected. They instinctively feel that if they hurt each other, they hurt themselves, if they judge each other, they judge themselves, and if they hurt and judge themselves, they hurt and judge also this beautiful, bright star that seems to be looking down upon them. And that simply seems impossible.

Three wise men are walking the Earth. If these three wise men are wise enough to see each other’s virtues, to understand that their differences is the strength of that same star they are all following, and to understand that they are ALL needed, then they will all succeed.

I wrote this short story on a plane to Lima from Iquitos in the Amazon jungle. I had been surrounded by “holy men” for over a month – people with a clear vision to change the world through spiritual awakening. They had been triggering the shit out out me, which was just what I needed! I was reflecting on my own background, that of “kings” – analytical believers fighting for democratic values. Sweden is a true kingdom in this sense. I’ve lived abroad for many years though, and maybe the royalness has run out of my blood. I am no longer political, but also not spiritual. Which leaves me with no other power than the possibility to inspire through my actions. That power which we all possess. And although the king and the holy man are the ones we hear and see, the simple woman walking the Earth as you and me, creating and inspiring and loving and doing our best, is the largest force behind any change. We need all three wise men to touch everyone’s heart.

(And please understand that there is no gender association with either of the words “ wise men”, “king”, “holy man” and “simple woman” in this text.)