Dear Lover 🔊


dear lover,

move me with your clear direction, hold me in my passion
touch me with each breath you’re taking, melt away my walls
expose what is beneath it all
a glowing force
a dancing flame
a naked woman with no name
dear lover, with your solid presence warm my thin bare shoulders


dear lover, let’s catch morning dew and rain it in our gardens
with true and vivid colours let us paint a path, then run
and laugh with me as we trip and fall
as we change the hue
as our dreams we see
holding hands whilst running free
air between us, air is nothing, my dear lover, trust me!


dear lover, hear the ocean lap its love beneath our heartbeats
it’s ours to sail, to drink, to splash, to cleanse in every day
let us float on its calm surface
trusting, knowing
that we’re carried
we are weightless, we are married!
let’s dive deep into the water, free-dive for the pearls


open me
play with me
let me in

dear lover,
that is all I ask
of body, mind, and soul


Christmas Came Early


Christmas came early – I wasn’t ready!
My fridge was all empty, my house was not cleaned
Nothing was wrapped with beautiful ribbons
Nothing prepared to be opened and seen

Still Christmas came, though I tried to outrun him
To keep him in front, to buy myself time
“I want to be perfect for Christmas!” I told me
Purposeful, whole, enlightened, sublime!

But he didn’t care if I was ready
He simply arrived


Yes Christmas came early this year, when you found me
And although I tried to push Christmas away
You untied the ribbons, you unwrapped the wrapping
Of gifts I’d forgotten, of presents astray

You filled up my fridge with all that was missing
You helped me to clean, you brought in a tree
You smiled, and I knew then: there’s no use in running
‘Cus Christmas will come when HE’s ready, not me!

The Things We Sacrifice

6tnyptjp6u-samuel-zellerso we break up
me and you
and we divide our life between us:

you get the guilt
I get the grief
we both get the missing

I keep some of our friends
you keep some of our friends
and some disappear in the middle – without the ‘us’ there is nothing for them to hold on to

you give me our everyday places – I get the cafes, the beach, the sun
you get the wind stroked islands and the long summer nights
without even noticing, I give you the whole northern hemisphere!

I get to keep my laughter
but I give you the sudden ugly faces that always made you smile
I leave them with you – no one else shall ever know them

I give you music – the music is yours!
but I find my dance
my swirling dance of freedom

no one gets the compass
no one gets the map


we sacrificed

as we humans do, when we leave parts of us behind
forget them in places, forget them in people
in relationships
in love