Mothers and Daughters 🔊


Mothers and Daughters
an intricate union
the closest to one, still divided

torn into two
at the moment of birth
when the scars to be healed are decided


two cracked mirrors we hold
and sometimes the picture
deforms, as we look for each other

in the cracks, not the eyes
that reflect our one soul,
and we judge both cracks and one another


but oh my, the feeling
when we see past the broken
when mirrors reflect our true face

the unconditional love
of Mothers and Daughters
a force that defies time and space


with compassion and love
for ourselves in our eyes
cracked mirrors are holding the keys

to the closest to oneness:
the beautiful union
of Mothers and Daughters at peace

Happy Mother’s Day, Sweden.

The Dance 🔊


There are two forces within me
Dancing a beautiful dance
Where one leads, one follows
Trust is the music and the world is my dance floor

I salsa barefoot on the burning hot streets of the city
I slow dance through cold fog rolling in from the sea
I waltz passionately over fallen tree trunks in fairytale forests
I swirl over misty morning fields, holding me tightly
And tango the waters that separate land

Through days and through nights I dance my true dance
Where I must both lead and follow
For me to move as one

There is no other way

There are always two forces
Or fighting the dance


So take my hand and remind me of our music
And of our intimate dance…

Because there are two forces between us
Dancing a beautiful dance
Where one leads, one follows
Moving us as one
Through a crazy wild world, which is our dance floor

The Mirror World 🔊


mirrors, that is all i see
when i see you look back at me

i see you bloom my summer bloom
i see my flowers in your room

i see your grief and feel my pain
i feel your tears and see my rain

your voice speaks from my hidden soul
my healing is what makes you whole

i cannot look into your eyes
and not discover my own lies

there is no you, there is no me
it’s only mirrors that we see